How To Go From 6 Figure Years To 6 Figure Months To 6 Figure Weeks
(while having the absolute best time of our lives, living the "Fuxk Yes" Lifestyle)
If you want to experience hitting the next level yourself then be sure to submit an application to join the Manifest X Mastermind. We GUARANTEE transformational results & have an INSANE track record (scroll down to view)!
It’s all about spreading love, bliss, peace and joy to every cell, in every body on earth and beyond, and to help 1000 conscious entrepreneurs to reach the 7 figure mark, so that collectively we have a direct impact on a billion souls.
We Are Proud To Introduce You To What Has Transformed The Finances, Relationships, & Overall Fulfillment Of So Many Business Leaders...

Manifest X Mastermind.
For the business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs & influencers who have a track record success yet want to connect deeper to the power of their mind, find inner resilience, and take their life and business to the next level...

Every Business Leader inside of the Manifest X Mastermind is challenged to own their power, and eliminate self-doubt and self- sabotage as they step out of their comfort zones to live their higher potential.

This is your calling to experience exponential growth and spiritual awakening.
We think differently, challenge the status quo, and achieve the ‘impossible’ on a regular basis.
Introducing Your Secret Weapon:
The Breakthroughs Are *Actually Absolutely INSANE
We ensure that every business owner, CEO, entrepreneur & influencer experiences massive growth...
Louis Brantmeyer
Founder of Speak Powerfully Now
Tommy Sobel
Productivity Coach
Nicole Lovince
Founder of The Goddess Bath Experience
Julia Tomelin
Life Coach
Richard Lonsbury
Relationship Coach
Scott Rowley
7 Figure CEO Mindset Coach
Holly Oeksted
CEO Quantum Impact Coaching
Nikolas Elliot
CEO Your Life Limitless LTD and VP Sales Ladyboss
Caroline Cleays
CEO Daquam
CEO & Coach to high-stakes poker players and influencers
J Nycole Ralph
Coach Helping Actors Get Gigs
Alexandria Bozeman
Life Coach
Ian Mcminn
Owner of Smooth Selling LLC
James Whittet
CEO & Coach to high-stakes poker players and influencers
Intimate. Hands-On. Results-Based. Family-Oriented.
Our Manifest X Mastermind is comprised of success business leaders who originally assumed that they didn't need a coach... 
(it's not just their bank accounts, families, or personal sanity thanking them for being part of what we've built...)
Here's How You Know If You Are One Of Us...
You Support Everyone But Yourself

You are all about seeing others succeed, however that has come at the price of you not putting yourself first. You try to please people and make everyone happy, but you're starting to realize that you can't support those around you without first taking care of yourself.
You're A Lone Wolf Who "Doesn’t Need Help”

Solving problems is what you do best. You are always looking for that next challenge and oftentimes don't want to stop working on something until you finish what you've started. If something isn't working a particular way, you can often times find a work-around or an alternative way for it to work better.
You Tell Yourself, “I Have To Do This On My Own”

You've discovered that the issue with being the leader is that it has most people don't understand the struggles you have to overcome every day, nor do you feel like you can open up to the people around you. You've maybe given up on the idea that you'd find a group of people who are like you who share your problems and understand where you are coming from when talking about what you do.
Meet Miro Heyink, Your Facilitator For Exponential Growth
(and founder of Manifest X)
Miro Heyink is the Founder of Manifest X, a community for high-performing entrepreneurs to turn their wildest business dreams into reality. He’s worked with Former NFL super bowl champions, UN employees, 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs, and top digital marketing agencies worldwide.

Although a mentor for impact-driven entrepreneurs, and a proud, loving dad, Miro overcome many challenges to reach where he is today… Born in Germany in a fatherless home, and motivated to immigrate to America at just 18 after a near-death experience, Miro found the secrets to success at the depths of a personal hell. 

After arriving in the US, most of his time was spent contributing to The Salvation Army, local homeless shelters and schools in low-income communities, seeding the desire to combine his social service with business. Through overcoming burnout, depression, divorce and subsequent homelessness, he now helps 100s of entrepreneurs, business leaders and influencers achieve exponential growth, and heal their relationships, while making their greatest visions reality. 
Miro's Backstory On Overcoming Rockbottom
"Door broken in, beaten senseless, and hanging from the balcony of the 7th floor, I thought this was my last moment..."
A mirror to your true potential, he’s been featured on dozens of Podcasts and is the founder of “The Conscious Entrepreneur Community” with members from 47 different countries. His clients call him “Miro the Hero”, and today he’s going to show you how *you* can face your biggest fears and create exponential results in your life and business. 
if you're the kind of person who supports everyone and doesn't have a place to open up and receive support, we should have a conversation.
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